Send, receive and pay

Rihaplus is an electronic wallet for sending, receiving money and making physical and / or online payments through your Mobile Money account.


Simple, fast and secure, From your rihaplus account, Send money to friends and family around Burundi.


Simple, fast and secure. with a rihaplus account, receive money from anyone in the Burundi using to the mobile money system.


Simple, fast and secure. in just a few clicks with your rihaplus account, pay money online and / or in a physical store.

How it works?

With simple steps, make your transactions. Create your account, top it up from your Mobile Money account to send money, receive money and make physical and / or online payments. Withdraw money from your Rihaplus balance to the Mobile Money operator of your choice.


create an account

Accessible on the Play store and online, create a private account or a business account in a few seconds to benefit from rihaplus services.

Add your top-up number

Add your top-up number to your Rihaplus account. Recharge your Rihaplus account with this number and can add up to three recharge numbers.

send, receive & pay

Top up your Rihaplus account from your Mobile Money to send, receive and pay money securely.

withdraw your money

speed, simplicity and security. withdraw your money directly which will be sent to a Money mobile number of your choice.

Download Rihaplus

Why choose Rihaplus

All in one ... send, receive and deposit funds, pay physically or online, easily transfer money with mobile money details from one operator to another. Here are a few reasons why we remain a partner of choice.

your account

Easy to use, No need for a bank card ... Create your account, top it up from your Mobile Money account to send, receive and pay money. Withdraw your money from your Rihaplus balance to a Money mobile of your choice.

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Rihaplus, your online wallet at your fingertips, available online and on the play store, an easy-to-use application for your money transactions. be your own agent by sending money from one mobile money operator to another.

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Create your rihaplus account for free, configure your preferences. Top up your Rihaplus account to send, receive, pay and withdraw money in just a few clicks. pay online and in physical stores with a single all in one account.

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The safety of our customers is of unparalleled priority. We keep your data and transactions secure with state-of-the-art technology and keep you informed of any potential risk to your account.

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Low transaction cost

Rihaplus, send more, pay less. at low transaction costs, you will be charged only for sending, withdrawing and paying at greatly reduced rates. Take advantage of our additional administrative services at zero cost.

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Online business

By creating a business account and thanks to Rihaplus, immediately and instantly receive payments for your products and services online. Rihaplus breaks the barrier between your business and your customers. Concentrate on the evolution of your business and Rihaplus will take care of the payment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With fast and instant support, receive immediate answers on frequently asked questions.

How do I verify my account and increase my limits?

Increasing your limits is usually a matter of additional verification of your account. It's quick and easy. Once you have started to transact, you will have the option to submit to additional verification of your identity, by uploading certain requested documents.

How can I withdraw money from my Rihaplus account?

Since the application is based on the mobile money system, an option to withdraw money from your Rihaplus account is offered to you, that is to send money directly to a mobile money account of your choice.

What is rihaplus Money Transfer and how do I use it?

With rihaplus Money Transfer, you can send money in Burundi instantly and securely with your own mobile money wallet, or that of a third party, in different mobile money systems. The service is available to existing and non-existing customers using mobile money.

How to create an account?

To create a rihaplus account, you will only need your phone, an internet connection and a mobile money account ... you can access rihaplus through the application available on the play store and or online at

How to change a password?

To modify a password, click on the small corner of the menu, go to settings, then modify your password by editing a new password and finally save the new password.

How to recover my account if I forgot my password.

If you forget your password, go to the home page of the application, click on the forgotten password section then follow the instructions by filling in the requested information.

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